Northeast Training Survey

Statistics are very clear that leaders who completely understand the Trail Life USA program and methods are more vibrant, engaged and effective. The path to understanding is through Three Peaks Training. Here are the 4 courses you will be asked about:

  1. Peak One – An introduction to what Trail Life is. Approximate duration 2.5 hours. Can be done remotely.
  2. Peak Two – How to run a thriving troop. Approximate duration 5 hours. Can be done remotely
  3. Peak Three – The essentials of outdoor programming. Approximate duration 2 days. Must be done in person.
  4. Train the Trainer – This course enables you to be a course director for any of the Peak Courses or Train the Trainer. It last two days and generally must be done in person.

This is not a registration for the courses…just an assessment of the training needs. You will be notified when and where courses will be offered.

Enter your home zip code
What troop are you associated with? If not with a troop, enter your state abbreviation and 4 zeros
What role do you have in Trail Life? If no specific role, enter "Registered Adult" or "Non-Registered Adult"
Area teams provide support to local troops with start up, camping, training, advancement & service.
If you marked "Not at this time" for all the courses above, please let us know your reasons.